The Most Effective Way to Perform Due Diligence is to have a Proven Step By Step System. Tony has created a 150+ Item Checklist (With walk thru videos for every item).

Lets face it, Due Diligence is not enjoyable (BUT) it's mandatory. You've worked hard for your capital and it's up to you to preserve it. 

Tony has created over 100 Tutorial Videos and will be walking you thru the entire process. From initial market diligence all the way up to the final day you close on your mobile home park. 

Here is what you will be getting with the 10 Phases Due Diligence Course. 

1). Over 100 forms and checklists in total. (VALUE - $197)

2). 100+ Instructional videos that are going to walk you thru every phase of due diligence. (VALUE - $297)


Additional videos from Tonys Mastery Academy. 30+ videos on actual real life case studies of  how to perform due diligence at a given Market / Park / Financing. (VALUE - $149)


Tony will personally be mailing you his physical check list forms that you will need to perform adequate due diligence.  (VALUE - $97)


Tony will be also sending you the physical version of his Jump Start kit to investing in Mobile Home Parks. There are crucial items in here that you will be using as your performing due diligence. (VALUE - $47)

  • Items such as:Guide to Market Cap Rates (you will need this to assess the areas).
  • Market Cheat Sheets (you will be using this to quickly assess markets in a manner of seconds)
  • Population Reference Guide (this is an excellent tool to quickly asses the surrounding area populations.
  • USB (packed full of forms / templates and guides.  *If you already have this kit (great). Simply let me know and I'll send you over a 25% off coupon for future products)



Tony's Top 25 Lesson Learned (In Video Format) of Items he wish he knew sooner when it came to Due Diligence. (Value $47).


Tony's personal Base Camp link that he uses for Due Diligence (Value $197)

In Summary Here is What You Get:

1). 100+ Forms and Checklists (Value $197)

2). Over 100 Guided Videos on how to Perform Due Diligence (Value $297)

3). 30 of Tony's Real Life 'Case Study' Videos (Value $149)

4). Physical Due Diligence Check List Forms mailed to you (Value $97)

5). Tonys Physical Jump Start Kit Mailed to you (Value $47)

6). Tonys Top 25 Lessons Learned Videos on Due Diligence (Value $47).

7). Tonys Personal Base Camp Due Diligence Link with Check Lists.  (Value $197).

Valued at Over $1,000

Today Only $197 

100% Refund Guaranteed 



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