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Tony has been a mentor of mine for years. I love how he focuses his investing goals with intention and purpose. 


Tony takes an entirely new approach when it comes to investing in mobile home parks and finding deals.


About the Coaching Course

In order to be successful, you need to be able to retain the information that you are learning.

We all have busy daily lives.

To cram 3 days of content or 500 pages over the weekend doesn't work. 

Here's what works. 

10 One-on-One Strategy Sessions walking you thru the entire journey of Investing in MHP's 


An Intentional call of who you are before we begin. We all have different goals, want's and desires. I'm really looking to have a solid understanding of who you 'really are' and how I can best add value to you.
In Addition, we will be discussing the items below prior to starting your journey to investing in MHP’s
Create an Outline and Establish Your Weekly Goals
A Course Overview 'Movementat the speed of success' 300+ Step-by-Step items 
Begin to work towards your 30 day sprint 
Identify your ‘Dream500’ parks and market to them like no other
Big Picture Marketing Strategy 'What States' that fit within your ‘Unique’ Life Style by Design
What Type of Park are you looking for? A Value add or a Turn Key Park? 
How much time do you have to spend to manage a park?
What Size of Park are you looking for? 
Is this your first Park? How does this fit into the type and size of park you begin with?  
What is your Down Payment? Lets not market to parks that don’t make sense. 
Do you want to create your own unique Partnership Strategy and bring on investors?
Setting Goals:
I will personally be mailing you a Productivity Planner that I’ve used for several years. 
Getting Started with the right Tools:
Drop Box Link for file sharing master files
Link for Call recordings for reference
Link for next steps and action items
Jump Start Kit Mailed to you - I will be mailing you several documents that I use to teach at our Live Boot Camps.  
You will be given access to everyone of our Online Course for free Forever. 
Begin to start watching online courses (Over200+ Online Training Videos)
  • Setting up a personal email 
  • Getting set up with a different phone number Burner, Google Voice or Grasshopper. Focus on the right area codes for the States we are marketing to. 
  • Complete 4 videos for an understanding of how to work with Virtual Assistants
  • Start Interviewing VA's on Upwork: https://www.upwork.com
Programs to begin familiarizing yourself with:
STRATEGY SESSION #2 Outline - Building out Your Marketing Campaign 
Every Session will be recorded for you to access anytime in the future 
  • Review Last Weeks Goals
  • Questions 
  • Training your VA (Ask yourself, what is the next task you are working on and how can they help you)?
  • Working towards having an understanding on your Master Spreadsheets for marketing
  • Tasking out your VA's to extract Owner Information
Spreadsheet Walk Thru & How To Assess A Deal in Less Than 5 Min:
  • https://www.areavibes.com(Understanding Score Ratings Overview) (My lessons learned that cost me) 
  • Getting a handle on the area https://www.bestplaces.net
  • Focusing in on the Right Areas BEFORE WE EVEN BEGIN (Step#1)
  • Unemployment
  • Crime
  • Median Housing (So Many Lessons Learned Here)
  • Median Rentals (So Many Lessons Learned Here)
  • How many parks in the area? What's our competition look like?
  • Is there a Wal-Mart or Lowes within 5 miles?
  • An Overview of County Assessor Websites 
  • An Understanding of paid resources in order to extract the latest data for MHP Owner addresses
'After We have your Dream 500 Parks' - Lets Leverage (500 ideal parks x 21 marketing campaigns = 10,500touches) This is how you close deals. It's Simply a Numbers Game
VA Task - Have them begin on formatting your master spreadsheet for Printing Company 
  • Get them set up with Mailing Services: Vista Print and other mailing companies
  • Realtors
  • Suppliers 
  • Dealerships
  • Transporters
Create a tracking spreadsheet for(Capital Invested) (ROI for items below) 
  • Every cent has to be tracked (What Campaign is it from) 
  • If your not tracking, your not playing to win (Slowly split test)
  • Example - Can you tell me...: Text 2322(Campaign#1) Holiday Post Card(Campaign#2)
Circular Marketing Step by Step Process:
  • Goal: Identify your Dream 500 & 5,000 Touch Points  Parks(Maytake 30 days to pin point) 
  • Narrowing down VA Task -(Red& Green)(1State)(1City)at a time Once Complete(Starton next State)
21 Campaigns:(ReviewThis Every Session) Slow-Consistent-Momentum-Repeat 
Post Cards to owners(Next Holiday 4th of July Campaign) VA Task - find a power point designer 
Post Cards to transporters
Post Cards to management companies
Post Cards to small town realtors
Calling realtors(Create Allies on the off market parks)
Calling transporters(Create Allies)
Calling dealerships
Calling management companies
Calling Suppliers 
Calling Brokers
Sending out Calculated offers
Craigslist posting and searching
Marketing campaigns to brokers
Finding and connecting with bird dogs
Sending out yellow letter
Having your VA look on websites for you
Having your VA track Google alerts
Forums / Referrals / Friends / Investors
Ringless Voicemail
Session #3 Work towards getting Correct Owner Mailing Address with your Virtual Team Members 
This is a lengthy and ongoing tedious process. It takes time to complete, but once it’s done you will be ahead of 90% of investors looking to get into this space. 
It’s impossible to do this on your own. We need to leverage my personal Virtual Team along with a few team members you find in order to complete this task 
Session #4
12+ Case Studies of how we structured everyone of our deals. What to do, and not to do based upon your Exit Strategy, the type of investor you are and how to Ultimately Create a Win-Win with the Seller.
Sessions #5 - #10
My own personal tools that I used in order to raise millions and acquire over 12 parks in one year. 
Not willing to share them here. 
After Session #10: I'm not going anywhere and will be with you throughout your entire journey. 
Many of my Students text me every single day 'and that's ok'. There's nothing better than knowing somebody is by your side and your not alone in this Journey. 

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