If your serious about owning a park this year, having a coach is the

Fastest Way to Collapse Time Frames.

I'll help you with Marketing, Assessing 100's of Deals, Due Diligence and Raising Capital.


Let me ask you a Question... 


What makes you happy?

Do you need 500 or 5,000 doors to be happy?

Or simply 75 doors paid off Free and Clear?

What the Big Syndicators don't tell you is the 'Behind the Scenes'. Is it worth 16 hour days & overseeing 100+ Employees while having a family?


We acquired over 12 parks in 1 year (and guess what) I was the least happy I've ever been in my life.

I've been on both sides and I gave most of it up.

I didn't want to get to the end of the road

'and miss the point of my life'.

My Kiddos 10 & 11 now and honestly, I'm ok with having only a few parks paid off FREE AND CLEAR.


Here is Where we Begin your Journey..


IMMEDIATELY, I'm going to be sending you a Productivity Planner that I personally use Every Day of My Life.

The ONLY way for You to be Successful is to Build and Map out your Goals. 



New Strategy... (If your Interested)

  • We are going to be putting on 2 Live Master Mind Sessions this year

Here is the thought..

  • How much more successful could we be if we had 10 of us 'Strategically' Marketing instead of 1? 
  • What if you met the right friend/Investor? I can tell you that not one of our 16 parks, did I go at it alone
  • What if five of you teamed up and took on a ‘Massive Value Add Park’? This is what I did.
  • Or... Create a Massive Marketing Campaign? 


Why One-on-One Coaching as Opposed to a 3-Day Immersion Event?


It's Simple... The Law of Diminishing Intent. After flight back home, your SOO Excited... ‘But Overwhelmed’. You’ve taken in so much information and don’t know how to process it. It gets worse…. Life doesn’t stop. Nagging Kiddos (throwing stuff at one another), (working over time), (taking out the trash)…. Life gets in the way.


My Promise to you... If your 100% Committed as Opposed to Interested, you will absolutely be ahead of 95% of Investors and on the Fast Track to finding deals.
From there, it’s simply just a matter of time.



Lets Create Something Great this year!

Your Friend Tony

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