Tonys Fast Track Road Map

Take the next step on finding and acquiring your own mobile home park.

Tony has spent the last several years creating the most comprehensive and effective strategies on how to get started in the mobile home park business. Yes... you can manage having a day job, spend time with family and still find the time to acquire parks. 

In Start, you will be receiving a 10 item step-by-step 'Play Book' for getting started. Tony is also going to give you five free hours with his team (get to that in a bit). 

Next up... Your going to learn how to set up systems in your business. Why? Well... we need to harness time. Having a full time job and a family we get pulled in many directions. By building out systems, you can start creating intentional time to focus on deals.
The sole purpose for this entire 'Jump Start kit' is for you to gain an edge on your time, assess markets quickly and look at as many deals as possible.

Here is what your going to get:

Park Place Action Item Hand book (Physical Copy)
This newly revised book has been broken down into a 62 page checklist with action items!

Secret Guide to Market Cheat Sheets (Physical Copy)
This is going to be one of your number one tools in your arsenol. Created in spiral bound, you can flip thru it and assess markets in a matter of seconds. Your going to see nearly all you could know about every single City in the US.

Population Reference Guide (Physical Copy)
This hand book will allow you to see area populations. When you looking at parks, you need to know what the area populations are for nearby Cities. 

Signed copy of Park Place (Physical Copy)

Your also going to get....


Included will be close to 100 of Tony's top forms!  Here is whats included:

6 Exit Strategies
Guide to Craigslist success
Dealership / Supplier Templates powerpoint templates for direct mailings
Post Card Templates for direct mailings

Your also going to get...

Calling Owners Lessons Learned
4 Owner Calling Scripts
Owner Follow Up Letters
Owner Pain Points
Seller Financing Strategies
Top Strategies for Seller Financing


10 Rule on how to overcome Road Blocks
10 Ways to Raise Capital
100 Sample Images for Direct Mailing
Amortization Calculator
Diligence 10 Rule


Park Place Audio Book
Guide to Investing Out of State
Life changing Lessons
How to Do Nothing and Achieve Everything (team building)

In addition, you will get...

MHP Septic Systems
Tips on Moving a Mobile Home
Resident Form site walk
Rehabing - Mobile Home Supply List Cost
Section 8 Rents Reference Guide

Crazy info right...

Top 350 US Metros
Your Guide To Market Cap Rates
Types of Mobile Home Parks
5 Tips on How to Train Virtual Assistants
Getting started with VA’s


BONUS #1: Multiple training videos on getting your team and systems set up. You will also be learning the step-by-step strategies on where to begin in the business. 

 BONUS #2: 'Five' Free Hours with Tonys Personal team. 

So sign up now to get all your bonuses and get started!

If sold separately, this would be over $1,000 in value. 



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